2020 Mazda Cx 30 Review

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Automakers continue to find new ways to customize and customize small SUVs, and the 2020 Mazda CX-30 is a compact that sits between the CX-3 and CX-5 in Mazda’s SUV lineup. But more than that, the CX-30 subcompact SUV is rightly attracting buyers.

2020 Mazda Cx 30 Review

2020 Mazda Cx 30 Review

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Mazda Cx 30 Range Review

I’m a big fan of the CX-3 because of its handling and features that cost more than its competitors. But it is a mini SUV from around the world. The Mazda2 subcompact car is too small even for most urban buyers in the US. (Mazda representatives admit that they were made for the benefit of Europeans). The roomier CX-30—about an inch wide and about 5 inches long on a 3.3-inch-long wheelbase—is based on the new Mazda3 compact car. It shares many of the car’s components and packages them into an SUV that’s meant to be fun.

Reason for CX-30 – sophisticated functions and performance at the top of the class and quality characteristics of other Mazdas. Keeping up with the growing competition will require plenty of additions, from current SUV leaders including the Honda HR-V and Nissan Rogue Sport to newcomers like the Kia Seltos and Chevrolet Trailblazer. I checked out the CX-30 in a Mazda vehicle in the desert and mountains of Southern California (it pays for its own travel and lodging for such company-sponsored events, based on company policy). There are four trim levels including base, Select, Option and test vehicles, all of which were Premium.

Mazda’s design evolution from the original production and redesign of the 2019 Mazda3 makes its SUV debut with the CX-30. It has a smooth and unadorned metal that emphasizes shape and form. A sloping bar runs from the headlights to the rear wheels, while elegant side moldings create an S-shaped appearance from most angles. Generous (perhaps slightly oversized) black bumper trim, large wheels and a low body height add height, and the rear pillars slope towards the roof. . The result is elegant and very close to a subcompact SUV, especially in the two highest price ranges.

There’s a lot of Mazda3 inside (a good thing) with plenty of room. The Premium trim level is the same, with rich black and tan (or white) paint and standard colored leather with blue on the air vents. The seats are comfortable, and with the new look, you don’t feel like you’re limited in the performance of other Mazda vehicles. The dashboard has a layered design with various layouts and integrated instruments, and the controls and controls feel solid.

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Improving the interior feel is that the cabin is relatively quiet for a small SUV, with no road or wind noise. Some of the quieter measures included moving the audio speakers from the doors to the floorboards and removing the door panels.

Unlike most small SUVs, luxury equipment is also found in the rear. There is also room for adults, but there is not much legroom. Older passengers must move away from those in front with their knees still resting on the front seat. The back has its own vents, but no charging port – the nearest USB port is in the center of the console.

2020 Mazda Cx 30 Review

The small SUV looks average at the rear, but it’s good at the front thanks to the small front pillars and side mirrors located on the doors. A surprise to watch out for: If you need the heated front seats, you have to climb three flights of stairs to get to them.

What We’re Driving: 2020 Mazda Cx 30

Mazda went to great lengths at the event to confirm the CX-30’s multimedia controls – a rotary setup with shortcut buttons in the center of the console and a row of volume controls. Unlike previous Mazdas, the 8.8-inch screen doesn’t respond to touch even when the car is stationary. The idea is that the layout is safer because the controls are where your hand falls and you can look closer to the road while looking at the screen. It works for me, but consumer research shows that I am very concerned. Using Apple CarPlay or Android Auto without a screen is unnatural for many. If you’re considering this SUV, you should check out the Mazda plan.

Meanwhile, the main screen will be displayed. It’s powered by Mazda’s latest system, which improves looks and performance, but it’s still too heavy and requires a lot of steps for basic operations. To access CarPlay and Android Auto, you need to go down to the Select level.

On the plus side, the weatherproof hoods and buttons are in good condition. Standard technology includes two USB ports, eight audio speakers, a Wi-Fi hotspot with a free six-month / 2-gigabyte trial and three years of free Mazda app-based Connected Services including car monitoring and remote start. and close the door.

If you need more luggage space, the rear seat folds down quietly. Cargo space falls squarely in the middle of the subcompact pack – where the CX-3 brings up the rear. With 20.2 cubic feet behind the backseat, the CX-30 trails the Honda HR-V and Nissan Rogue Sport, but handles better than the Hyundai Kona or Jeep Renegade. Cargo space is short on gimmicks like cargo controls or multiple launch points, but the 60/40 split seats fold flat and the trunk is large and passenger space is low.

Mazda Cx 30 Review: Stylish Small Suv Right Sized For U.s.

All CX-30s use the same smooth, 186-horsepower, 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine and traditional five-speed automatic transmission as the Mazda3. That’s more power than is common among subcompact SUVs (some are lighter), though a non-turbo four needs to be attached to handle it. However, the stiffness of the transmission seems to be trying to push out the high mileage and preventing the engine from stuttering. Shifts are crisp and downshifts are quick, but the gear stops going up to maximum power. Using the paddle shifters can help, as can an aggressive Sport mode with lower gears – but it also drops 6 gears, increases noise and reduces mileage. While you might want an eight-speed manual, you can get one of the continuously variable transmissions that are increasingly popular among small SUVs, so you should count your blessings.

Handling is controlled and consistent. The CX-30 is a small SUV for undemanding drivers – although like the Mazda3, the CX-30 uses a cheap, expensive suspension system instead of an independent multi-link. Body roll is well controlled and steering is quick and precise, aided by Mazda’s standard G-Vectoring Control Plus system, which uses torque and braking to improve cornering response – and all-wheel drive. until the torque is adjusted to reduce the understeer. The brakes were strong, responsive and linear, but that was after I got used to long rides and hard work. (Mazda says its design is based on research that shows it conforms to the human foot.)

There were not many exchanges. The ride was firm but comfortable and stable at speed. However, the bad roads of the city did not bring much excitement. EPA-estimated gas mileage is 25/33/28 mpg city/highway/combined in front-wheel drive compared to the Rogue Sport with the less powerful CVT and is several mpg behind the lighter HR-V.

2020 Mazda Cx 30 Review

All CX-30s are equipped with a full suite of safety and driver assistance technologies that are the most impressive among subcompact SUVs. It includes a forward collision system with automatic emergency braking, adjustable cruise control and stop and go, lane departure warning, lane keeping assistant, advanced bus and driver alert. Stepping up to the Select trim level adds blind spot warning to rear cross-traffic alert.

All New Mazda Cx 30 Reimagining What Was Already There

An oddity is the image of the backup camera, which fills only part of the dashboard display and is set instead of the projected grid lines that move when the steering wheel is turned. It may be a small thing compared to some other products, but it’s not useful when parking in the city, and in a class where bend lines are common and 360-degree camera systems are unknown, it’s unacceptable. How much money did he save?

The base CX-30 is well-equipped and starts at $22,945 with front-wheel drive, about $1,500 more than the base 2019 CX-3 (all prices include a $1,045 destination charge). That is all

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