2016 Mazda Cx 5 Touring Awd Suv

2016 Mazda Cx 5 Touring Awd Suv – 2016 Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring AWD First Test: The CX-5 still has Mazda’s SauceSporty Secret like Mazda, though it adds a taller hood to make it a crossover.

Mazda noticed. The compact crossover CX-5 once again shows the Japanese automaker’s ability to carry a fun chip from its car to its car.

2016 Mazda Cx 5 Touring Awd Suv

2016 Mazda Cx 5 Touring Awd Suv

Our first test of the 2016 CX-5 showed that performance and handling continue to improve as buyers appreciate the crossover’s versatility.

Spunk: 2016 Mazda Cx 5

It’s one of the most exciting sports in this segment in normal driving mode, but it can make a big difference when you switch to sport mode and everything is built: steering, quick response, gearshift and handling. Toss it a bit and the body is less wheelbase as it clings to the road like a coupe body.

“The CX-5 is still the best-handling CUV by a mile. It’s fun to drive,” he said.

Editor Scott Evans, who rated the 2.5-liter four-stroke’s linear power as “lots of bottom and top end.”

The CX-5 covered the quarter distance in 16.0 seconds, which is better in the segment of four-powered crossovers and not lower than the Jeep Cherokee with a 3.2-liter V-6. Push it and the CUV will hit 60 mph in 7.8 seconds, the fastest in the four-cylinder segment. The V-6-equipped Jeep hits the mark in 6.9 seconds. Mazda has upped its game: The 2014 CX-5 Grand Touring we tested in 2013 needed 8.1 seconds to hit 60 mph.

Mazda Cx 5 Awd Grand Touring 4dr Suv

With good performance, the actual MPG unit measured the CX-5 at 23.4/27.7/25.1 city/highway/combined mpg, while the EPA lists the CX-5 at 24/30/26. These numbers put the Mazda at the top of its class.

Our tester had a six-speed automatic and a manual transmission, one of the sports that comes in the package. One suggestion: Mazda slows you down to prepare. My interests are progressive.

But all this is forgotten when you hit the road, and you can drive with more wind and road noise that proves a car pretending to be a sports car.

2016 Mazda Cx 5 Touring Awd Suv

The CX-5 starts at $22,695, one of the lowest prices in the segment. Step up to the Grand Touring and prices start at $29,470. The Grand Touring AWD we tested is priced at $34,595. Apparently, the Mazda has higher five-year ownership costs, depreciation credits, financing, insurance, fuel, service and maintenance. At $35,841, the Jeep Cherokee alone makes a big bet.

Mazda Cx 5 Review, For Sale, Colours, Interior, Models & News

The test car had all the safety features: lane departure warning, blind spot monitoring and cross traffic alert, which are tough but survivable. It passed numerous NHTSA and IIHS safety tests and earned an IIHS Top Safety Pick+ rating.

The CX-5 has a sleek yet classy interior with nice switches, graphics and designs, but a color or two to kill the black would improve it.

For the 2016 model year, Mazda has updated the infotainment system. It’s an easy way to use navigation on a small screen. A nice touch is the location of the volume button behind the shifter, which makes it easy to change the volume without reaching for the screen.

The heated seat is nice and offers good support, and the arms are comfortably supported by the soft seat belt. Don’t just look: the headliner is durable and cheap, and there’s plenty of it because the CX-5 has the smallest roof in the segment.

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For electronics enthusiasts, there are two USB ports in the front and an additional socket instead of a socket.

The rear seats don’t lie flat, they almost fold flat and split 40/20/40, allowing you to lower the middle section yourself. Rear passengers have no vents or vents to support their gear. You have to go back to the storage area to get the power.

There’s a boot lid in the back to keep your stuff out of sight, useful as there’s no storage space under the floor, the rest of the wheels. As a minor drawback, the CX-5 has a manual tailgate.

2016 Mazda Cx 5 Touring Awd Suv

Mazda may not be a block automatic, but it has found its secret sauce of sportiness and a way to inject it into its most practical vehicles. On the first day of our trip to NYC, the kids and I were excited to meet the 2016 Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring in Deep Crystal Blue. Traveling with two children, a few things immediately caught my attention, such as the bright blue color, the body and interior design, and the impressive Bose 9 speakers. Although the children were comfortable supporting each other in the large rear seats. seats and gave the CX -5 their seal of approval (2 thumbs up), we had to accept the feel- I just #DriveMazda realized there was so much more. more than good. first strong form and feel.

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Thanks to the 7-inch color touchscreen, multi-function remote control, Mazda Connect infotainment system, rear camera, blind spot monitor and rear warning signal car, I was surprised that the Mazda CX-5 Grand felt immediately comfortable to me. Navigation. On the Grand Central Parkway to Long Island in this luxury SUV, the kids asked 439 questions about our plans and schedule. We appreciated the space in its cabin. 2.5 liter engine with SkyActiv technology in this long haul vehicle.

Safety ratings and features are impressive on the CX-5 Grand Touring, but I really liked how everything was in the right place! Ergonomics is very important for women when we have two hands, but I wish we had twelve. It seems insurmountable that the interior design of the CX-5 is top-notch. I have to say that I am the car guy in our family. I research and search all the cars in our family and handle all the activities. The Mazda CX-5 gets it right with a leather steering wheel with well-placed controls, leather sports seats with power steering, central storage and easy navigation. Mazda has clearly made an effort to pay attention to the interior and deliver a refined look and good performance.

Have you tried these tires? In beautiful weather, we visited relatives and friends and ran errands. We opened this Mazda CX-5 all over NYC! In one day I drove over the Verrazano Bridge, the Goethals Bridge, the Tappan Zee Bridge and the Throgs Neck Bridge. It’s crazy for anyone unfamiliar with NYC traffic, especially with small children. If anyone is interested, I drove all over NYC and Long Island, New Jersey and Westchester the other day. Did you know? We enjoyed the ride!

When we got back to Long Island, my son proclaimed his love for the CX-5, saying, “The stereo is great, the sunroof is cool, we can pretend we’re in outer space in the big back seat, and the paint is the best.” I have to agree with them that I love the safety, performance, space and style of the CX-5 inside and out.

Used 2016 Mazda Cx 5 Grand Touring Sport Utility 4d Prices

We are glad this wonderful SUV made it to our NYC trip and are sad to say goodbye at the end of the week. Thanks to Mazda and DriveShop for the opportunity to test drive the 2016 Mazda Cx-5 Grand Touring AWD. #DriveMazda was fun and memorable! Until next time NYC…

I got the opportunity to test drive this car for a week through DriveShop. No compensation was received for this article and all opinions are 100% my own. Bargain seekers will enjoy the base CX-5 Sport, the only model to offer a manual transmission; Don’t forget to check the Bluetooth box though.

Mazda CX-5 2016 is one of the sportiest crossovers; Great gas mileage and premium features only add to the price.

2016 Mazda Cx 5 Touring Awd Suv

The 2016 Mazda CX-5 is smart, handles well, and is stylish. It also suits the type of driver it likes, and above all, it’s one of the safest cars in its segment.

Mazda Cx 5 Grand Touring Awd Giggles, Gobbles And Gulps

Entering its fourth year on the market, the CX-5 still has tough competition, including the Honda CR-V, Toyota RAV4, Ford Escape, Nissan Rogue and the recent Subaru Forester. That’s why they’ve been redesigned, refreshed and redesigned for the 2016 model year.

With the CX-5, Mazda has achieved success between sports sedans and crossover-sized roadsters.

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