2006 Ezgo Golf Cart Models

2006 Ezgo Golf Cart Models – EZ-GO is a popular golf cart manufacturer with many gas and electric models. In this article, we will introduce you to the history and different forms of the brand.

EZGO was founded in 1954 by two brothers, Billy and Beverly Dolan. The company was later sold to its owners, Textron. Both brothers continued to work with Textron until 1978. E-Z-GO is currently headquartered in Augusta, Georgia.

2006 Ezgo Golf Cart Models

2006 Ezgo Golf Cart Models

Starting from a small machine shop, E-Z-GO has grown into a large modern company over the years. They have maintained their position as one of the most popular golf card manufacturers in the world today. E-Z-GO has established itself as the hybrid technology leader in the gas and electric golf cart industry.

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The 2Five model is an LSV designed to be street legal and comes with a head. This model is ready to make your life easier and more enjoyable. The 2Five golf cart is perfect for those who live on the beach, fairways and on the outskirts. The model offers total comfort, safety and environmental responsibility.

The E-Z-GO RXV golf cart is designed to help you live large. The Freedom RXV model comes with advanced features such as independent front suspension, extended parking brake and automatic parking brake. The RXV golf cart offers better performance and better performance.

The MPT bicycle model was the predecessor of the Workhorse, designed primarily for commercial and industrial use. It is very similar in style to the 1990 Dodge Pickup truck.

The E-Z-GO ST model is designed for the person looking for a vehicle to get around the property, the farm or around town.

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The TXT golf cart model features a front end with a single line of light parallel to the ground.

Workhorse golf carts are designed for commercial and industrial use, which is what the model name suggests.

The marathon golf cart model has brought a new era with technology. The model was very successful. Special features include a plastic front nose section, custom seat, and stainless steel body.

2006 Ezgo Golf Cart Models

Expect a large, versatile golf cart that is fully equipped to help you on those difficult fairways. The Terrain model offers higher ground clearance and better loading capacity to get your job done.

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Every golf cart is an opportunity to experience it to the fullest, and the E-Z-GO Express golf cart delivers. The E-Z-GO Express car golf cart offers quality and reliability with unmatched features.

Finding the model and year of your golf cart is important when ordering parts. Whether it’s EZGO aftermarket parts or replacements, you need to know the year and model to make sure you get the right part.

If you’re looking to customize your E-Z-GO golf cart, be sure to stock up on the best E-Z-GO golf cart accessories.

Our gearhead expert Dave offers tips, tricks, how-to videos on Car, EZGO, Yamaha, reminders to keep us entertained, and jokes to keep us entertained.

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Tim, the Master Mechanic, hosts live shows on YouTube and Facebook and answers all your tech questions every Tuesday and Thursday at 1:00pm EST.

We have many videos to help you with your golf cart repair and maintenance needs. We call ourselves GCGTV. E-Z-GO cars have been around for quite some time and have expanded their market with new models over the past few years. Their top of the line model is easily the EZGO TXT (also available as the TXT E-Z-GO Freedom Golf Cart, which we reviewed here). She has been around since the 90s and has had many changes in her body shape over the years. First of all, the E-Z-GO TXT Freedom Golf Cart is an affordable new car that starts at $7,100. If you’re looking for a hassle-free golf cart, then you’ve found the right car.

We would like to point out that the car is built and intended for golf and is not intended to be a street legal car. So note that security is a concern with TXT E-Z-GO Freedom Golf Cards. Now, one of the highlights is that the car has a steel frame, which will be more durable on the road compared to aluminum. A disadvantage of steel is its ability to corrode. It is a powder coating that will resist rust.

2006 Ezgo Golf Cart Models

Interested in golf carts and steps from TXT E-Z-GO Freedom Golf Cart? Check out the RXV E-Z-GO Liberty Golf Card here.

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The following information will give you a better idea of ​​where you can find these numbers and how these numbers work to help you buy and sell your bike.

The tricky part about finding the serial number on your EZGO bike is that the location can vary depending on the age and model of your card.

Like other manufacturers, EZGO has gone through many different models, each with different features and design choices.

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As a result, we will look at some common areas based on the card format and year of manufacture.

Interestingly, our search managed to find some sources that have compiled this information on the main list.

This simple list should give you a basic idea of ​​where to find serial numbers for EZGO bikes.

2006 Ezgo Golf Cart Models

If you know your card model, you can check below to find the serial number.

How To Find Year, Model, & Serial Number On Ezgo Golf Cart

Sometimes each card will have more than one field with the serial number, so if there are duplicate cards from the list above, we will list the alternative:

Most of the EZGO design team tries to keep it within a reasonable range for the average user.

If you know the model of your card, it should be easy to find your serial number.

However, there are a few more steps you should consider so you don’t get confused again.

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If you want to find the year and model of your golf card by serial number, there are at least 3-4 different formats you need to understand.

A good serial number isn’t just a jumble of meaningless numbers and letters: it’s a code that tells you everything you need to know about the product.

All of these types are easy to understand, but they differ depending on the year the bike was made.

2006 Ezgo Golf Cart Models

However, we believe the figures are very similar to those produced for the 1970-1976 models.

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Below, we will look at the different years of production, analyze the styles used during this period, and explain what each number in the serial number means.

We’ll break this list down by number and explain what each one means.

Now we will give you an example of this type of serial number to make it easier to read.

Next, “f4” indicates that the bicycle is a three-wheeled vehicle; if there was a second “4” before the “X”, the bicycle was a four-wheeled vehicle.

E Z Go

The last four numbers with an “X” indicate that the car was the 5,323rd car of the model produced that day.

What if the bike was made in two months, like October (10), November (11), or December (12)?

In this way, the serial number will be preceded by 4-5 digits, the first two of which will indicate the month of manufacture, the second will indicate the year of manufacture, and the third (and possibly the fourth) indicates the number of tires. .

2006 Ezgo Golf Cart Models

Using the second form, you can say that the first two numbers (11) represent the eleventh month of the year (November).

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In this age of EZGO card making, the number of series has expanded to include more numbers and represent a wider range of different activities.

This also happened because the old number was not big enough to get all the information about the bike.

It consists of 12 digits, the first six showing the running time and the second showing the serial number for that bike on the line.

So if the first six digits read 930428, that means the car was manufactured in 1993 (93) on the 4th of April (04) and the 28th of the month (28).

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After that, the next six numbers are very interesting when tracking individual cards and vary depending on how many appeared on that day of the month.

This format is a little confusing because it consists of a letter followed by three numbers, a line, and six digits.

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